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A recent survey carried out about insurer Direct Line, has revealed Manchester drivers have the worst commute in the UK, averaging 1hr 55mins when roads are busy. Almost a third of drivers said there is no other feasible way of getting to the office.

The survey was carried out across a number of major cities and Manchester came out worst off, taking nearly 1hr and 55min to complete a 25.4 mile round trip equaling just 13.3 mph. The average speed across major cities in the UK was just 15mph, with the average driver traveling 29.2 miles every day to get to work, although 5% commute 100 miles or more on a daily basis.

Manchester was followed closely by Birmingham, where drivers edge their way to work at a 13.7mph when in heavy traffic and Bradford at 14.2 mph. Glasgow leads the way when it comes to average speed in congested traffic, speeding past the national average of 15 mph at 18.7 mph.

Steve Price, Head of Direct Line car insurance, commented: "The working day is far from nine to five for commuters who drive to the office, particularly when congestion can add almost two hours to daily traveling times. When drivers frequently experience long queues and are worried about being late getting to work, it is easy to get frustrated by the situation. Checking your route before leaving home, pre-warning your boss when you know traffic is bad or having a flexible working agreement in place can all help to reduce the stresses and strains of driving to work."

Despite the slow driving and hours spent commuting to work in their cars each week, many feel that is the only option with almost a third (29%), finding other options unaffordable and public transport unreliable.

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Posted on 6th February 2012 at 10:22 AM

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